Ross Kaminsky from 630KHOW to have the NeoGraft® Procedure at Broadway Hair Restoration

55 million men and women in the U.S. alone are affected by hair loss. Let’s Talk about the NeoGraft® Procedure.

Ross Kaminsky, morning radio host of The Ross Kaminsky show on 630 KHOW – Denver’s Talk Station, reached out to Dr. Broadway recently as he was concerned with his thinning hair. He was looking for the best surgeon for his procedure and determined Dr. Broadway at Broadway Hair Restoration was his choice. Dr. Broadway is a quintuple board-certified surgeon who has extensively studied the best methods and technologies available for total hair restoration. Ross came into our office to have a consultation with Dr. Broadway, to ensure he was a candidate for the NeoGraft® Procedure.

What is a NeoGraft® Procedure?

The NeoGraft procedure is an advanced hair transplant technology that uses the Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.) method. F.U.E is a minimally-invasive procedure that removes individual follicles from the back of the head or “donor area.” The follicle groupings are then individually transplanted in the recipient’s thinning area.

What are the benefits of NeoGraft (F.U.E.) vs. other methods?

  • State-of-the-art, minimally-invasive hair restoration technique
  • No scalpel incision = No linear scar
  • No stitches or surgical staples – Donor area appears mostly unchanged
  • Less post-procedure discomfort
  • Faster recovery time

What will Ross’ (or your) experience be like?

Prior to the surgery, Ross will come in for his pre-op appointment, where all of the information about the procedure and instructions for pre- and post-procedure will be given to him. At this time, Dr. Broadway and our Licensed Practical Nurse will answer any additional questions he might have.

A licensed NeoGraft technician will administer local anesthesia both before and during the procedure. Ross will remain fully awake during the surgery, while the hair follicles are removed from the donor area and are artistically implanted into the areas of the scalp where balding has occurred.

After the procedure, Ross will likely be able to resume normal activity by the following day (including showering). Results should be noticeable in about three months and by month nine, the transplants should result in fuller, lush new hair.

After Ross has had his procedure, we’ll talk to him again and report back with his experience!

If you are experiencing hair loss and unsure if you are a candidate for NeoGraft, contact us to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Broadway. This top Denver-area plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialist will help you to determine which treatment may be best for you. Call 303.680.8989 or email

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