25 Crazy Hair Facts


  1. On average, it takes 1,000 hair grafts to cover the area of a CD.
  2. The outer hair we see on our head is composed of dead cells (like the bark on a tree).
  3. Hair grows about 6 inches each year, or half an inch per month.
  4. 100,000 hairs can be found on the average adult scalp.
  5. Around 100 to 150 hairs are shed naturally each day.
  6. Hairs are around .02 to .04 mm thick.
  7. It takes about 20 to 500 hairs to equal a millimeter
  8. Healthy hair can be as strong as steel wire and can take a force of 60 kg or more to break a single hair.
  9. Healthy scalp hairs will live two to six years on the head before they are shed and replaced.
  10. Waist-length hair would take on average about 6 years of growth. *Your hair’s lifetime is dependant on maximum length. Example, if your lifecycle of hair is only two years, you will not be able to grow waist-length hair.
  11. Duration of hair growth cycles vary on the specific body area.
  12. Eyebrows, eyelashes and body hairs are shorter with longer growth cycles (i.e. takes longer to grow and replace them).
  13. Hair on our heads and in our beards has peak growth in autumn months.
  14. Hair on our heads and in beards slows down in the coldest months and picks up again come spring and summer.
  15. Hair experts and dermatologists agree that you will have to lose half of your hair before you notice hair loss.
  16. Hair follicles begin to form in the fetus during the first three months of pregnancy.
  17. The hair follicles you are born with are the hair follicles you’ll have your entire life.
  18. No new natural hair follicles will ever develop.
  19. There are more hair follicles on the scalp than anywhere else.
  20. Hair follicles will change as we age (including color, size, shape and activity due to hair growth).
  21. The number of hair follicles we have corresponds to our hair color:
  22. Blondes have around 140,000 hairs
  23. Brunettes have around 105,000
  24. Redheads have the least with around 90,000
  25. Why would hair color influence hair follicle numbers? Well, each hair color is associated with a different size follicle. Blonde is finest with more individual hairs to cover the scalp, brown is midsize and thicker and red hairs are thickest with fewer hairs needed.

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