5 Tips for healthy hair

Most people wish that their hair was healthier. We’ll go over five tips to get healthier hair. Simply adding one of these to your daily regimen will drastically change your hair, for the better.

Don’t wash hair everyday

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. First of all, there are natural oils in hair that gets stripped when you wash it. There is no need to fear the natural oils in hair. In fact, the oil in your hair actually makes it healthier and shinier. However, someone with thin hair may notice an oily scalp days before someone with thick hair. Another reason not to wash your hair everyday is its easier to style when dirty.
It’s easier to tame your locks when your hair still has natural oils. Many hairstylists request that hair is dirty if you’ve booked a special service. Also, if you’ve recently dyed your hair, waiting longer to wash it will keep the hair bright. Most shampoos strip your hair of any dye. Therefore, your color will last twice as long if washed less. Additionally, using a lot of products on your hair leaves a lot of build up. By decreasing the amount of products you’re using, you’ll get healthier hair as a result. But the best thing of all is that you’ll save time and money. If you’re washing your hair three times a week instead of seven, that’s money in your pocket. Plus you’ll save time when getting ready in the morning. You won’t have to dry your hair. As you can see, cutting down on washing your hair has many benefits.

Vitamins and healthy diet

Losing hair is something that many associate with getting older. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Sometimes losing hair can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency. Making sure your vitamin levels are adequate, can also ensure your hair is healthy. The first vitamin you should incorporate into your diet is biotin. Biotin will increase the elasticity of your hair, and protect it from getting dry. Vitamin A is an antioxidant. It is also known as retinol, which many associate with eye health. But many don’t know that Vitamin A actually helps the scalp produce oil. This oil, called sebum, keeps the hair from drying and breaking. Another vitamin commonly known for another purpose is Vitamin E. Most know Vitamin E as being good for your skin. Vitamin E helps increase oxygen uptake, resulting in the production of more hair. If graying hair is your concern, take some Vitamin B5. It helps prevent graying, and can reduce hair loss. In addition, Vitamin B5 can help get rid of dandruff. The last and least known vitamin is Inositol. This vitamin helps with the health of cell membranes. But recent studies have shown that taking an extra dose will lead to less hair falling out. While all of these benefits sound amazing, it’s important not to take too much of any supplement. A healthy, balanced diet will get you the vitamins you need.

Coconut oil treatments

There has been a lot of hype about the benefits of coconut oil. But how does it affect hair? First, it prevents breakage. There are fatty acids found in coconut oil. These acids protect the hair from breaking, and helping hair grow. Another benefit of coconut oil is that it moisturizes. It’s easy for coconut oil to penetrate hair follicles. Meaning it conditions the hair from the inside out. Having hydrated hair leads to less dandruff. A lot of shampoos and hair products have harsh chemicals in them, which can dry out your hair. But using coconut oil helps reduce the dryness, in turn leading to less dandruff. Lastly, using coconut oil can help protect hair from sun damage. It’s a natural sunscreen, with an SPF of 8. Adding coconut oil to your routine will greatly impact the health of your hair.

Apple cider vinegar

Another treatment that can lead to healthier hair is doing an apple cider vinegar rinse. ACV has antibacterial and antifungal properties, reducing dandruff. Not only that but it helps reduce frizz and increase shine. Plus it’s relatively inexpensive and has a long shelf life! Making an apple cider vinegar rinse is easy. Shampoo hair as you normally do, then mix water with apple cider vinegar. Pour the mix over your scalp and let it run all the way down. Try not to get any of the mixture in your eyes. Once it’s all on, massage it into your scalp. After about two minutes you can rinse it out. Using an apple cider vinegar rinse is an easy way to perk up your hair.

No heat tools

Many are aware that using heat tools on hair leads to damage. For instance, blow drying leads to cuticles becoming dry, brittle, and rigid. This will also lead to cuticles cracking and breaking. Also known as “dead ends.” Most people are not going to stop blow drying their hair. So what is a good solution? Using some sort of protectant on the hair before drying it will reduce any damage. For instance, applying coconut oil on your hair before drying it creates a shield against damage. Also, try using the low heat option to minimize damage. Another heat tool that can damage your hair is flat irons, and curling irons. However, they damage your hair in a different way than a blow dryer. Applying heat directly to the strands can cause the cuticles to crack along the edges. This will cause chipping, breakage, and split ends. Not using curling or flat irons is your best option. But if you do, make sure to coat the hair with a conditioning agent. Look for something specifically made to protect against heat tools.

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