7 Hair Loss Myths

Myth #1 – Your hair will grow faster and be stronger if you cut it more often.

This is your hair, not your lawn! No matter what you do, your hair will grow almost exactly ½ inch per month.

Myth #2 – Wearing hats causes baldness.

Clearly not true. This myth most likely started in the military when young men may naturally start to experience hair loss. Simply coincidental timing.

Myth #3 – An increase in sex leads to less hair.

There is no proof at all in this myth. If true, baldness would take on a whole new meaning. In addition, there are no chemicals released during sex that would increase hair loss.

Myth #4 – If you pluck one of your gray hairs, two will grow back.

If that was true, many people would be pulling their grey hair out. Fortunately it is very easy to color your hair if the gray is bothering you.

Myth #5 – Hair loss is always passed down from my Mother’s side.

We now know that hair loss patterns are passed down from both sides of your family. In addition, they can skip generations and will even affect siblings differently.

Myth #6 – Using hair dryers will cause thinning of your hair.

There is no evidence that hair dryer hair thinning. However, your hair may become a bit more brittle if dryers are too hot or used too much.

Myth #7 – Brushing your hair more often will help it grow.

Brushing your hair does not stimulate hair growth. The idea of improving blood flow through brushing does nothing to increase scalp circulation.

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