9 Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

In spite of what experts say, people have their own ideas about proper hair care. Some follow a strict routine to make their hair thicker, fuller, longer or healthier. Avoiding gray hair is another big area of concern. However you care for your hair, don’t buy into these nine common hair myths.

Myth: Hats Lead to Hair Loss

For years guys have blamed their hair loss on hats and baseball caps. The idea is that they are too tight and cut off circulation to your scalp. The truth is that head coverings do not affect hair loss. Male pattern baldness and premature hair loss in women are genetic conditions.

Myth: Hair Grows Faster when it’s Trimmed Frequently

Trimming your hair regularly will keep it looking healthy but it won’t necessarily help it grow faster. Hair grows from follicles in its scalp. These follicles determine how fast it grows. Experts still recommend getting regular trims to cut split ends for hair that looks thicker and longer.

Myth: Gray Hair is Caused by Stress

The reality is that stress does not have a significant impact on your hair color. It all depends on genetics. Cells called melanocytes produce the pigment that colors your hair. Over time, these cells will produce less and less pigment, which eventually leads to a head of silvery white hair.

Myth: When You Pluck a Gray Hair, Two More will Grow in its Place

This myth likely gained credibility because once people notice one gray hair, they will notice multiple grays. The response to this myth ties back to the hair follicles that grow each strand. Your hair will get weaker from over plucking. While plucking gray hairs will not lead to more gray hairs, it can damage your hair follicles. It’s best to avoid plucking gray hairs to prevent patches of thinning hair.

Myth: Brushing Your Hair 100 Times a Day Keeps it Healthy

Brushing your hair is important to distribute its natural oils and increase blood flow to your scalp. Too much brushing, though, can cause breakage and damage. This can make your hair look frizzy. Wide tooth combs and soft bristle brushes are the best tools to detangle your hair. Never forcefully pull the brush through your hair.

Myth: Switch Shampoos Often for the Best Results

People change shampoos frequently but not because their previous shampoo stopped working. Consumers make their purchase based on the fragrance, the bottle design or because they’re looking for specific hair benefits. It’s all about finding the shampoo that works best for your hair. Once you find the perfect fit, you can stick with it for years without damaging your hair.

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Myth: Your Eyebrows Should Always Match Your Hair Color

The idea that your eyebrows have to be the same color as your hair is dated. Today, color trends are to have your eyebrows a couple shades darker than your hair.

Myth: Air-drying is Better than Blow-drying

The heat from blow-drying can damage the surface of your hair but when you leave your hair to air dry it can further damage the strands. The longer your hair sits soaking wet, the more pressure it’s under. Experts recommend a combination of these drying techniques. Let your hair air dry for a few minutes before blow drying it on a low-heat setting. Heat protectant creams offer further defense against blow-drying damage.

Myth: Skip Conditioner if You Have Greasy Hair

You should always include conditioner in your hair cleaning routine. Conditioners and oils moisturize your hair, reduce frizziness and boost your hair’s healthy shine. Greasy hair is not affected by the conditioner you use. Your scalp tissues naturally produce oils. When they produce too much oil, it causes greasy looking hair. The best solution for this condition is to use a clarifying shampoo. When you apply oils and conditioner, focus on the ends of your hair and avoid placing them directly on your scalp.

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