Beard Babble: Let’s Talk About Facial Hair

Beards are a right of passage and a symbol of manliness. Some men are doomed with an eternal babyface, but that’s an uncommon condition. Most men can grow facial hair. The ability to grow a beard depends on genetics and testosterone levels. More often than not, guys just aren’t patient enough to let their whiskers grow or interested enough to maintain them. Here are some tips that will help you get the manly beard you’ve always dreamed about.
Wash your face, wash your hair, and wash your facial hair

Men who exfoliate their skin regularly will be more successful in growing facial hair. Using an exfoliating scrub or face mask once a week removes dead skin cells and stimulates growth. Keeping your face clean is another way to encourage hair growth. Wash your face with gentle soaps and clean your beard with shampoo. Short beards can be washed and conditioned like the hair on your head, but long beards require more maintenance. If you wash your long beard too often it will strip the hair’s natural oils and dry it out. Regular hair products will effectively clean your beard, but beard shampoo and conditioners are specially designed to relieve the irritated and itchy skin underneath your facial hair.

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Good nutrition supports healthy hair growth

Hair growth is related to your body’s overall health. Men who take care of themselves will have fuller facial hair. Eating a nutritious diet that’s rich in protein and drinking plenty of water will help your whiskers grow. Sleep allows time for your damaged skin cells repair, so make sure to get plenty of rest for hair growth. Beards grow more quickly when men manage their stress levels. Exercise effectively manages stress while promoting blood circulation. Relaxation combined with increased blood flow can help beards grow more quickly.

Moisturizing your skin with the proper creams, lotions and oils helps prevent unwanted irritation. Look for products with eucalyptus, which helps stimulate facial hair growth. Eucalyptus oils are made from dried tree leaves. They improve your beard’s natural shine and provide relief from itchy skin. Biotin supplements support natural hair growth, so your scraggly bristles will become glorious whiskers faster. Guys who have patchy, thin facial hair especially benefit from biotin with noticeable facial hair improvement.

Avoid ingrown hairs with proper shaving techniques

Ingrown hairs prevent healthy hair growth, so avoid them. When hair follicles get clogged the hair can grow sideways and cause a painful red bump on your skin. To prevent ingrown hairs, apply a gel or cream to your face, and shave with a sharp razor in the direction that your hair grows. Use little motions and rinse the razor blade in between strokes for a clean, even shave. It’s all about finding the balance between a beard that’s too manicured and one that makes you look like a total wilderness man. A properly shaped beard can define your jawline and add structure to your face, so put some effort into your shaves.

Patience makes the scruff grow softer

It takes time for facial hair to grow into a full beard. Your five o’clock shadow might be more of a five-week shadow. Most guys wait a month or more while their beards are growing in, so be patient. Let your hair grow naturally before trying to shape your beard. After a couple weeks of natural growth, use a trimmer to keep the facial hairs growing evenly. Brush your stubble in the same direction to tidy it up. Every beard starts as scratchy scruff, but that uncomfortable itch will go away as the hair grows into manly whiskers. Treat the prickles and the bristles with beard oil for softer hair. Beard oil keeps your hair soft and touchable. It adds natural shine, moisturizes the skin underneath and acts as a styling product.

Most men are capable of growing a beard. The problem is that it takes time and maintenance to get enviable facial hair. Remember these tips and next time you attempt to grow a full, thick beard and you’ll successfully achieve the mountain-man look.

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