Can a Vitamin D Deficiency Contribute to Hair Loss?

Watching strands of hair fall out while bathing is never something that people wish for. It can be quite shocking and embarrassing for some individuals, which is understandably so. The causes of hair loss vary substantially and culprits can include diet, anxiety levels, and genetics to name a few. Environment can also play a role in whether or not you maintain a full head of hair. Recently though, hair specialists, medical professionals, and scientists have begun to look into vitamin D deficiency as a potential source of hair loss.

A recent study made headlines on the news circuit by identifying a potential bridge between hair loss and vitamin D deficiency. As maintained by Cairo University dermatologist Rania Mounir Abdel Hay, “This is the first time vitamin D’s possible role in hair loss has been highlighted.”

What is vitamin D you ask? Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin,” which is produced by exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D helps the body fend off life altering conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. One cited reason for vitamin D deficiency, is due to people working indoors more frequently and for greater intervals of time. This is according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

Although there is no proof that shows a direct cause and effect relationship with hair loss and vitamin D deficiency, new evidence is constantly emerging that suggests that this may be a meaningful variable.

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