Create The Illusion Of Thick, Voluminous Hair With These Styling Tricks

Thinning hair creates frustration for women of all ages. It can start to show up in a bald patch, a widows peak, a widening part or a head of extra fine hair. With the wave of your curling wand, a snip of your hairdresser’s scissors and an enchanting new color, you can uncover a head of hair that looks full and voluminous. For an everyday solution, there are also ways to hide fine hair without cosmetic changes. Although we can’t magically produce a head of thick, luscious locks, we’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeve to help women disguise their thinning hair.


Curls give your hair movement and body. The extra bounce gives hair the appearance of additional volume, as opposed to straight styles. Hairstyles that feature straight hair can make thin areas more visible, because the hair lies flat on your head. Curls have movement and texture that disguise fine areas and patches of thinning hair. Different techniques give you loose, tousled waves or tighter spirals. Experimenting with these styles will show you which kind of curls fit your look and mask your thinning hair.

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Colored hair disguises the visible signs of thinning hair. Dark colors tend to attract your eye, which will draw more attention to thin sections of hair. Lighter shades tend to mask patches of hair where the scalp is starting to show through. Coloring with different tones hides sparse sections with a multi-color effect. If you use one color, thin patches will clearly stand out, but having more than one shade will create a camouflage effect. Highlights around your hairline also help hide patches of scalp that start to show up around your head. Be careful of going too blonde though. Coloring your hair super light will make it look wispy and see-through.


Thinning hair that hangs long down your back can look stringy and unhealthy. For women trying to hide their thinning hair, a fresh haircut can bring lift into their worn-out style. Shorter cuts remove weight from the ends of your hair and give you extra bounce. Sweeping bangs across your forehead will hide signs of a growing widows peak, which is when the hair around your temples starts to recede. Layers that are strategically placed help make your face a focal point. This technique draws all the attention forward and off of your thinning hair. For a fuller look, find styles that have irregular layers. Haircuts magically add the appearance of volume to your thinning hair.

Commitment-free changes

If you’re not ready to commit to a total hair transformation, there are simpler ways to conceal thinning hair. Ponytails are not just a way to keep hair out of your face at the gym. Tousling your hair into a ponytail or braid disguises thin, wispy hair. These easy hairdos add bounce and volume to fine hair. Accessorizing your hair with scarves or headbands is a trendy way to make bald patches disappear. Typically low-cost, accessories are an affordable way to keep your look fresh. Experimenting with different ways to part your hair and style it will switch up your hairdo to mask thinning hair. Women have also found round hairbrushes and extensions to be effective. These techniques all work to create an illusion of fuller, voluminous hair.

Thinning hair is a frustrating styling challenge. This hair complication looks different for everyone, whether it’s a bald patch, a growing widows peak, a widening part or just annoyingly fine hair. Hair styling techniques like waving your curling wand, revealing a fresh cut and unveiling a color transformation disguise signs of thin hair. Simple hair changes also provide an everyday solution without cosmetic restyles. These thin hair solutions aren’t exactly magic, but they will create an illusion to mask your insecurities. Discover confidence in yourself and your hair with these styling tricks, magic hat not required.

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