Cut Back On Rookie Mistakes: Men Get In The Know About Their Flow

Men are trending toward long hair. Casually running your fingers through the flow or pulling your hair into a rugged man-bun gets you noticed. Before you can reach this level of cool, you have to wait through the growing stages. Long hair involves maintenance. If you don’t invest in trims, hairbrushes and shampoo and conditioner for basic upkeep, your hair will end up on the chopping block. Once you reach an enviable length, you get to experiment with different hairdos. Don’t cut off your flow because of rookie mistakes. Maintain your length with these styling shortcuts to great hair.

Get trimmed

Regular trims are fundamental to good hair care and maintenance. It might seem like you’re cutting away all the progress you’ve made in length, but trims remove the split ends of your hair. Split ends are dry and brittle, so removing them keeps your hair growing healthy and strong. As you’re growing out your hair, trims are especially important to get through awkward phases.
Your hair will grow unevenly. The hair in the back of your head often grows faster than the sides. This means that it’s very easy for men to end up with some awkward stages while they’re growing out their hair. Think mullet-level awkwardness. Trims keep your hair length even all around as you adjust to the new length.

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Get untangled

The longer your hair gets, the more likely it is to get snarly and tangled. This leads to breakage, which is counterproductive when growing enviable long hair. Men who are committed to long hairstyles are going to need brushes and combs to fight off the tangles. Each of these tools benefits your hair differently, and it’s important to note the difference.

Combs are mainly used to detangle your hair. Start at the bottom of your hair strands and work your way to the roots. After combing through your hair you can switch to a brush. Brushing your hair not only keeps it looking fresh, but it also distributes your hair’s natural oils and massages your scalp. Natural oils give your hair a healthy shine. The gentle massage circulates blood flow, which stimulates growth.

Get cleaned

My grandpa prides himself on not using hair care products. Dish soap is his shampoo of choice. My grandpa is bald, so you don’t want to take his advice. Shampoo and conditioner have many benefits for your hair. Men who are growing their hair will quickly learn that the right shampoo and conditioner routine reduces frizz, strengthens hair strands and gives you naturally flowing locks. Giving your hair proper nutrients can also make a difference if you’re worried about losing too many strands of hair, also known as going bald.

Shampoo is for cleaning your hair. Conditioner adds moisture. They’re not as effective if you buy a two-in-one product. Stylists generally recommend that men skip a day or two between shampoos. Too much cleaning can strip away moisture and leave your hair dry and dull. If you’re worried about it looking dirty or greasy, dry shampoo will take care of that. There are many kinds of conditioners, but the important thing is.

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