Denver’s 2014 Featured Stylist

We Got The Inside Cut From One Of Denver’s Top Stylists, Randi Johnston

Randi lives in Denver with her husband Zach (Congrats Newlyweds!) and their two dogs Omar and Alden. Randi is originally from Nashville Tennessee but moved out to Colorado because of her love of snowboarding.

She’s been doing hair and taking names for over 8 years, but has loved doing hair since she was a little girl. We had the honor of sitting down with the busy Denver Stylist to get the inside scoop on 2015 trends, hair thinning tips and more.

Top Denver Stylist for 2014
DHR: First things first, how was your gorgeous wedding (this fall) up in Breckenridge!?!

Randi: It was amazing! Beautiful weather, on top of a beautiful mountain and surrounded by all my friends and family! Couldn’t have been any better!

DHR: That’s awesome! Where do you work in Denver?

Randi: Evolution Salon, located at 4500 w 38th ave in the Highlands next to Sprouts!

Evolution Salon
4500 w 38th ave

DHR: What are some tips on how to make thin hair appear thicker? (tips for guys & tips for girls)

Randi: Girls, use the right volumizing products before you blow dry your hair such as Avedas Volumizing Tonic or Phomollient focusing on the roots; try round brushing or blowdrying your hair upside down.

Guys, use a good shampoo and conditioner such as Avedas Invati line which is made for thinning hair.

Extra tip, massaging your scalp for at least 30-45 seconds everyday will help stimulate blood flow, which in return promotes new hair growth.

DHR: That’s a great extra tip! What hair trends do you foresee in 2015?

Randi: Vivid colors are becoming more and more popular everyday such as blues, purples, pinks, and pastels. As well as extensions. People cannot seem to be patient enough for their hair to grow. Just be careful what type of extensions you choose!

DHR: What are some inexpensive ways to keep your hair healthy?

Randi: Try not to put too much heat on your hair such as blow drying and straightening everyday. However, if you do, be sure to use a good heat protectant such as Avedas Smooth Infusion Style-Prep.

DHR: Anything else should we know about hair?

Randi: Getting a regular haircut (every 4-6 weeks) will help your hair grow longer faster. Just a 1/4 inch to get those split ends off!

Also, do not brush your hair when it’s wet! Try using a wide toothed comb to get those knots out. Your hair is very weak and vulnerable when wet.

DHR: Thank you so much Randi and keep up the great work in 2015!

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