Hair Life Cycle

The hair life cycle is made up of 3 different follicle phases:

1. Anagen Phase: Period of hair growth. Around 85% – 90% of scalp follicles are growing in anagen at any given time.

Hair follicles can stay in anagen for two to six years. During this growth phase, the matrix cells of each hair follicle is engaged in a reproductive (mitosis) activity. Your hair is essentially dividing and reproducing themselves during this phase.

2. Catagen Phase:

Occurs after anagen. Around 2% – 3% of your hair follicles pass into this phase of regression. Hair will remain healthy in this phase with little to no hair loss or lack of growth.

3. Telogen Phase:

Occurs after catagen. Around 15% of your hair follicles are in telogen at any given time. This phase is a period of rest which continues for about three months. There will be no hair loss or hair growth during this time. Due to it being such a small percentage of your overall hair, you will not notice a lack of hair growth.

Follicles in telogen phase will rest until the follicles determine that it is time to return to anagen.

At the end of telogen, a dead hair is released from the scalp. You may notice a firm white nodule or bulb at the end of the hair. A new hair will begin anagen in it’s place and the hair life cycle starts again.

Men Vs. Women Hair Growth Facts

Men and Women have different percentages of anagen to telogen hairs.

Women have around 85% of their hair follicles in anagen phase and 15% in telogen phase at any given time.

Men’s hair follicles range from 81% to 90% anagen to 10% to 19% telogen hairs, depending on the individual, age, lifestyle, etc.

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