Hair Loss – What’s a Myth & What’s a Fact?

When it comes to the subject of hair loss, there is so much information out there. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the myths from the facts. Let’s take a look at some of these falsehoods and try to clear up some of the misinformation.

Hair loss can be a result of inherited genes from your father, mother or grandparents.

Hair loss cannot be the result of any single gene in a person. A combination of genes that you receive from both your father and mother should be considered a factor. Hair loss is the result of connections between several genes you inherit.

Men suffer from hair loss more than women.

In reality, women can suffer from hair loss as much as men do. Women are typically more self-conscious and take more steps to hide it, though. The pattern of balding in men is also typically more apparent; they tend to lose hair at the front and the top of their head first, while women lose the overall density of their hair.

Hair loss in women leads to abnormal bleeding and/or irregular periods.

Hair loss does not interfere with a women’s menstrual cycle, pregnancy or the functions of their endocrine system. Abnormal bleeding and hair loss combined can be side effects of something else going on including a poor diet, vitamin or mineral deficiency or hormonal imbalance.

Woman Hair Loss

An active sex life can cause hair loss due to the hormones released during sex.

There is no scientific proof that you will lose hair if you are very sexually active. There is actually no proof that the hormones released during sex can affect your hair in any way.

Keeping your hair short or shaving your head will help your hair grow back denser and thicker.

Every individual has a unique cycle of hair growth. Factors include the person’s genes and the care they provide to their hair and scalp. While genes cannot be altered, adequate nourishment can improve your hair’s density and thickness.

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