Hat Hair Hacks

As summer days cool into fall weather, it’s time to pull out your winter wardrobe. Hats, stocking caps, hoodies and headbands are a fundamental part of surviving icy winds and cold temperatures. Unfortunately, this means you have to manage hat hair. Prevent hat hair this year with these easy hat hair hacks.


Before you don your hat, make sure to moisturize your hair. This means you’ll want to use conditioner in and out of the shower. Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hands and run your fingers through your hair. When your hair is moisturized before you put your hat on, it will have less static electricity when you take the hat off.

hair restoration hat hair


Hats and stocking caps will flatten your hair. Instead of accepting this clear indication of hat hair, prevent flatness with a volumizing mousse. Focus on applying these products at the roots of your hair and scrunching it upwards. Only apply a little bit of product at at time to avoid making your hair strands too sticky and stiff. If you apply too much product, the hat hair will be worse as your hair forms to the shape of your hat. Depending on what kind of hair you have or what kind of hat you wear, this isn’t always the most effective prevention technique but it’s worth a try.

Dry and style

Never throw your hat on wet hair and walk out the door. This is a sure-fire way to get flat, funky hat hair. Make sure your hair is dried and styled before you put your hat on. For a styling hack, part your hair in the opposite direction. Once you remove your hat, you an reposition your hair to it’s normal part, making it look more voluminous.

Get cut

Certain haircuts work better than others when it comes to hat hair prevention. For example, if the hair on the sides of your head is shorter, it’s won’t get indentions. This way you’ll only have to worry about the hair on top of your head. Another option is to go with a buzz cut all over. Talk to your barber or hairstylist about what will work for you.

hair restoration hat hair

Skip the brush

If you do get hat hair, work with it. You won’t be able to hide a crease with neatly brushed hair. Instead, run your fingers through your hair and rock the intentionally disheveled look. It can be helpful to carry a few products with you, such as a light texturizing powder, to help you pull off the bedhead chic style.

Think about your hats

Keep in mind that you also have control over your headwear. Wear looser hats and hoods to prevent smashing your hair into your head. Another option is to keep your hat on the whole day. This may not work in all settings, but if you buy nicer hats you don’t have to worry about taking it off all the time.

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