How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

Hair loss is a perfectly normal daily occurrence, but how much is typical? When does it become an actual disorder versus something commonplace? Everyday, I lose strands of my hair engaging in typical activities that anyone else might be involved with.

However, a recent article found on Yahoo Beauty titled How Much Everyday Hair Loss is Normal?, indicates parameters that will help you assess your hair loss situation better. As maintained in the article, “…the average person loses between 60 to 100 hairs a day, says Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist (a trained scalp expert) with Philip Kingsley. What that can look like varies from person to person; if you have longer strands, it’ll appear that more hair has fallen, while shorter locks can appear to shed less.” This number can vary from person to person and it can look different as well according to the article. Some of the variables that contribute to hair loss include stress, diet, and genetics.

In regards to when you should seek professional assistance, Kingsley goes on to maintain that “If excessive hair shedding continues for longer than three months, seek the advice of a dermatologist or trichologist,” says Kingsley. Chronic hair loss can signify that something isn’t quite right internally. The most common causes of long-term hair loss are deficiencies in iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, as well as hypo or hyperthyroid complications.” If any of these symptoms are affecting you, it may be time to see a professional hair restoration specialist. Contact Denver Hair Restoration for a consultation if you are experiencing chronic hair loss. We may be able to help!

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