Dyeing Trends: Natural hair coloring methods replace harsh chemicals

Synthetic hair dye is filled with thousands of mysterious chemicals. It’s easy to acknowledge the problem with harmful chemicals in hair dye, but men and women still need a way to change their hair color and disguise those pesky gray strands. People are using natural alternatives to avoid harsh hair coloring treatments. Herbal dyes work differently than chemical-based treatments, so you may not notice results right away. Natural coloring has longterm benefits that are better for your hair and your health. Consistent repetition with these herbal coloring solutions will give you enviable results and a beautiful, healthy head of hair.

Henna powders replace chemical dyes

Henna plants are a native to hot, dry areas. These flowering shrubs are popularly used to dye skin with temporary tattoos, but they can also color your hair. Henna powder dyes your hair a trendy shade of deep auburn. This natural coloring agent will keep your hair colored for weeks before you need to worry about recoloring. Henna is the most similar to conventional chemical dyes because it’s applied the same way. Cover your hair with the henna paste using rubber gloves, let it sit in a shower cap and rinse to reveal your new color.

Honey and cinnamon for a sweet new hairdo

Mixing equal parts cinnamon and honey is a recipe for beautiful natural hair coloring. Blondes find sweet success from the natural bleaching properties of honey, while the cinnamon adds golden coloring. Dark hair colors won’t notice drastic results, but this sticky concoction creates reddish highlights. Adding a little olive oil or coconut oil to the mixture will condition your hair while you color it. It might take a couple applications for you to get the best results, but a lifetime of chemical-free coloring is worth a little patience.

Chamomile tea for golden highlights

If you’re sick of harsh chemical smells, chamomile tea soothes your upset stomach and highlights your hair. Brew a strong cup of chamomile tea and wash it through your hair several times. After the rinse, let your hair soak in the chamomile tea for at least an hour. Regular tea rinses will keep your dirty blonde hair light and bright. It actively lightens your hair, giving it a summery, golden glow. When using coloring methods from tea leaves, use a high herb to water ratio. Seep the water with extra tea leaves, and let them sit until the hot water cools.

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Lighten up with lemons and rhubarb root

If your chemically based hair dye puts you in a sour mood, lemons are a natural alternative. Squeeze the lemon juice from these fresh fruits, add a little water and pour it over your head. Rhubarb root is another natural dye that will add shades of golden honey to blondes and people with light brown hair. Just simmer chopped rhubarb root and water for a couple minutes, then strain and rinse the mixture through your hair. Soak up the sun while your hair is soaking in lemons or rhubarb root. The rays will help with the natural coloring.

Black walnut hulls for darker hair

Black walnut hulls are the source for many different herbal remedies, treating everything from cold sores and constipation to snakebites and parasites. The stain from these tree nuts naturally colors your hair darker. You can either crush the black walnut hulls yourself or buy a powder to mix with water. Soak your hair in the dye, but don’t scrub it into your scalp too much. Black walnut hulls will stain your skin.

Sage hides gray roots

Regular hair maintenance is the most effective way to hide those pesky gray hairs, but salon visits get expensive. Sage naturally darkens your silver roots back to their original shade of brown. Wash a combination of water and sage through your hair and let it soak at the roots. Some people add black tea to the rinse. The results will gradually become more visible as you continue to use this herbal hair treatment.

Harsh chemicals in synthetic dyes are causing many men and women to seek natural alternatives. Herbal remedies may take a couple applications before you get the best results, but they’re better for your hair and your health. Take the mystery out of hair coloring treatments, and refresh your look with the benefits of natural dyes.

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