Not All Men manscape, But Manscaping Is For All Men

Manscaping is how men talk about grooming their body hair. This process is strategic and the outcome can make or break your confidence. Understanding the tools and techniques behind manly grooming can help you cut back on any doubts surrounding manscaping. If you just wing it, you risk shaving your appearance back to the awkward puberty years. Plus, manscaping often works around an important part of your manhood, which is reason enough to take it seriously. Guys are grooming more than their groins, however. Chest hair, eyebrows and back hair are also getting a lot of attention.


Eyebrows usually sit unnoticed on everyone’s foreheads, which is what guys want. If people are noticing your eyebrows, it’s probably because they’re bad. Bushy, out-of-control eyebrows are a big distraction. For some men, a single, unruly unibrow throws off their look and hinders their self-confidence. Manscaping eyebrows is tricky, because the goal is to make them look natural and even. Eyebrow accidents look awkward and are painfully slow to regrow. The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to have your eyebrows professionally plucked or trimmed. Eyebrow waxes are not common for guys, because it tends to look unnatural. Men who groom themselves need to invest in the right tools for the job. Needle nose tweezers and small scissors that are used especially for grooming give you more control.

Chest hairs

Chest hair is sexy and manly, but too much hair can be a turn off and cause men to be self-conscious. Men today tend to fall somewhere between growing thick chest hair and having none at all. It’s all about finding the happy, and attractive, medium. Razors are great tools to remove chest hair, but a good pair of clippers gives you more control over length. Guys who want to manage their chest hair should trim their torso in a downward motion, going with the direction that their hair grows. This reduces irritation. Leaving short fuzz and using a good moisturizer will also help men avoid skin irritation and discomfort.

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Back hair

Men get some leeway when it comes to how much or how little chest hair they want to manscape, but back hair is a different situation. Back hair is not sexy. If your back hair is not very noticeable, you can trim it yourself. The problem with shaving and clipping your back is that most guys can’t reach it themselves. Enlisting help from your best friend or your girlfriend is one way guys get a smooth back, but there are also tools designed to help guys groom their backs. Professional hair treatments are another way to manscape your back hair. Laser hair removal or waxes last longer than shaving. These techniques effectively manage back hair to show off your broad shoulders and sexy back muscles.


Manscaping your back takes a certain amount of flexibility, but manscaping your manhood takes a steady hand. Not only will nicks and cuts be especially painful, but they’ll also leave you vulnerable to infections. Think about your manscaping strategy before you hack through your pubic hair, which is naturally more course and curly. If your hair is long, trim it down before using a razor. Shave with the hair and use a shaving gel or cream to avoid irritation. Gently pull the looser skin tight to reduce the risk of accidental cuts. If you do nick your skin, take care of it so that it heals properly.

Grooming your bush can make you look longer. Most guys don’t really need any more reason to shave than that. Removing hair from your groin area also improves hygiene and can help you impress the ladies. Women typically prefer men with at least some grooming. Guys who manscape generally agree that you don’t want to go too far and look too manicured, but maintaining your pubic hair is important.

Manscape your appearance

Grooming for guys has become a mainstream conversation as men discuss how short to trim their hair and what methods are best to maintain the look. Building your appearance around manscaping makes sense, but consider what’s realistic for you. Are you willing to put the necessary time and effort into your grooming habits? Men can’t really pick and choose which areas of the body to manscape. If you have a full beard and a completely smooth chest, it’s not going to look natural. Think about what your grooming goals are before you manscape yourself too far.

Men want to maintain their appearance without looking manicured. Manscaping tools and techniques put strategy into the male grooming process. Guys who put effort into hair maintenance stop hiding behind behind an unruly, unattractive forest and find confidence in their bodies. Chest hair, back hair, eyebrows and the groin area can all be groomed with manscaping. Men, pick up a razor and cut back on the hairy mess.

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