Quiff & Co. hairpieces. What’s the big deal?

Quiff & Co. hairpieces. What’s the big deal?

This U.K.-based company is revolutionizing the hair piece game for men around the world. Like many men, Ant and Steve dealt with hair loss at a young age. They tried wigs, creams and every other product on the market. Nothing worked to deliver a natural-looking head of hair, so they developed Quiff & Co.

Quiff hairstyles

Men have been sporting Quiff hairstyles for decades. Although there are slight variations, the style is cut shorter on the sides with a long, flowing middle section on top of your head. This is perfect for men with a receding hairline or baldness on top. Quiff hairpieces attach on top where hair is thin or nonexistent, providing a fuller head of hair. Not only will you have artificial hair that looks natural, but you’ll also have a stylish cut to keep you looking sharp.


How Quiff & Co. hairpieces work

The Quiff & Co. website outlines everything you need to get started and how it all works. Men can start with a consultation or just order their hairpiece online. Representatives will walk you through specifics of what you’re looking for in a hairpiece, including color.

Most hairpieces are only worn during the day and set on a wig stand at night. Quiffs are worn for three to six weeks at a time, depending on a man’s lifestyle. The more active you are, the more often you will need to think about hairpiece maintenance. A single attachment will last for up to six months before it needs to be replaced. In between six week intervals, the hairpiece is removed for cleaning and grooming. One of the main selling points for Quiff & Co. is that men can swim, shower and live normal lives without ruining their hairpiece. Men can use most lightweight styling products without interfering with the hair or the adhesive.

Negatives of Quiff & Co.

Quiff & Co. is a great hairpiece option for men with a receding hairline. The problem with Quiff & Co. is that it’s still a temporary fix. You’ll have to maintain your hair attachment carefully and regularly to keep it looking natural. Even with the best grooming practices in place, you’ll have to keep buying Quiff hairpieces every few months. This is an expensive commitment, even if you decide to get an off-brand hair attachment.

quiff hairpieces

Permanent hair restoration solutions

Instead of continuously spending money on artificial hair attachments, many men decide to invest in a more permanent solution. Hair restoration is a safe, natural and permanent option to tackle your hair loss. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplants your own hair follicles to the part of your scalp that’s thinning. These healthy follicles will heal and grow into a head of fuller, natural-looking hair. With the FUE method, there’s a minimal recovery time and no noticeable scarring.

Many men deal with embarrassment and frustration when it comes to hair loss. For more solutions, visit your hair restoration specialists at Denver Hair Restoration.

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