What is Hair Made Of? Keratin!

Keratin Facts

Fingernails are also composed of keratin.

Keratins occur in polypeptide chains (poly = “many” + peptide = “broken down protein”) of individual amino acids.

Our bodies get this protein from: beans, legumes, meat, fish, eggs dairy products, etc.

Hair is composed of many amino acids of different length to form each protein, keratin, insulin and collagen.

The keratin protein found in hair is called the alpha helix that looks like a DNA coil. –There is some truth to those hair commercials!

4 Types Of Hair Bonds

Hydrogen bond is responsible for the elasticity or ‘stretchability’ of your hair.

Salt bond is responsible for 35% of your hair’s’ strength and elasticity.

Cystine bond makes up your hair’s toughness.

Sugar bond provides your hair with its’ endurance.

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